Battlelands Royale – Is it a Viable Option For Hunters and Shooters?

Battlelands Royale, developed by Anklebite, is a highly anticipated online PC game from the makers of Castle Crasher: Paint the Town! What’s so great about Battlelands Royale? What’s its big deal? How do you get involved in it? Well, read this Battlelands Royale – Walkthrough & GamePlay Guide to get all the answers!


What’s so great about the Battlelands Royale phenomenon? What’s it all about? How does it compare to other top-down style games? Why is Battlelands Royale currently the highest ranked free PC game? and How do top-down style games lose their appeal after a while? This Battlelands Royale – Walkthrough & Gameplay Guide has all the answers!

Battlelands Royale - Is it a Viable Option For Hunters and Shooters?

Battlelands Royale boasts a strong online community that makes the top-down style game experience more engaging. The game’s vibrant visual novel art has won several Game Critics Awards and is the driving force behind the Battlelands Royale’s success. The game’s top-down perspective helps Battlelands Royale stand out from the other browser-based card battle games. We’ll take a look at the background and history of the game development team, the kind of player base they attracted, and the steps that helped us enjoy the top-down nature of the game.


Battlelands Royale is a browser-based card game using the flash engine. It is a top-down style game that draws its inspiration from many different types of card games, as well as the popular World War 2 action/adventure novel. The Battlelands Royale website is also well worth looking into. It includes the most recent trailers, as well as a play test that we used to evaluate how Battlelands royale and its various modes of play work. We’ll go over some of the benefits of playing the game using Battlelands Royale, as well as how it has helped us enjoy the competitive or co-operative aspects depending on who we’re playing with.


A lot of people enjoy Battlelands Royale. For us, it’s the first time that we’ve played a browser-based card game with a high degree of complexity. The story mode of Battlelands Royale is very thrilling, filled with moments of intense combat and intense reactions. We’ll talk about some of our favorite things we did in the battle mode to get the adrenaline pumping, as well as how playing parachute onto an airbase was one of our favorite parts of playing the game!


In addition to the exciting story mode, Battlelands Royale also has a number of challenging and downright tricky modes. You can try the one that makes you look like a complete fool (a skill we actually picked up pretty quickly), or simply try the one that makes you run around and hide everywhere while you shoot everyone with your gun (a skill we didn’t pick up on but seemed to make the game more fun). There are several other hidden object scenes as well, which were a nice surprise. If you really want to put the heat on your opponent, you can also attempt to steal the leader’s gun, which requires good coordination and timing.


In all honesty, I feel that the best way to get the most out of Battlelands Royale is to simply play the single player campaign. That’s right, you don’t need to play with another player online to enjoy the game; Battlelands Royale offers a single player campaign that will put you in the thick of the action. And unlike the multiplayer mode, you actually have a number of weapons at your disposal! It’s possible to obtain a machine gun, a rocket launcher, a mini-gun, and even a grappling hook in just a short amount of time. So make sure you make use of them!


The one thing that Battlelands Royale absolutely does not have is a single player deathmatch mode. Don’t get me wrong, I like deathmatch games as much as anyone else, but they just aren’t something you’re going to find in Battlelands Royale. I’m not saying that they weren’t planned for, but the lack of it definitely hurts the game overall. Overall, I would recommend this to players who are looking for a quick game with a ton of action. If you enjoy team oriented play, and a great deal of skill, then this game is definitely going to be worth checking out.