Color Road! Game Review

Color Road! is a newly released online flash game based on the hit animated series, Street Runner. Based on the highly popular American TV series of the same name, Color Road! the mobile game promises fun and excitement for all those who love watching this popular TV series. In addition to providing an exciting gaming experience, Color Road! also offers a lot of neat features and benefits that are sure to please everyone who plays it.

Color Road! Game Review

How To Play Color Road!

Race with friends: One of the most thrilling experiences in a gamer’s life is winning a race against his or her friends. This is certainly what you can enjoy as you take on the most competitive races in the game. You can race against other players on your network or against the computer. Plus, you can race against the clock, too! Use the built-in time limit to your advantage and see how long you can keep on moving before you lose.

Why Play Color Road!

Access to advanced tools: Building an amazing Speedchamp and installing it onto your system will be the first step towards winning the game. However, the tools that you can use for enhancing your racer’s performance are limited only by your creativity. There are many other things that you can use, such as the Visual Memory function, which allows you to store images, videos, and music that you’ve taken using the camera of your mobile phone. You can even upload and synchronize your files with your PC or your laptop. This feature lets you recall stunning shots you’ve taken using Color Road!

Connect with others: Sharing your racing efforts with family and friends is simple. Just go online to the Color Road! website and sign in to start racing. You can invite your friends to pit their cars as well. The network has an application that allows you to share your fastest time with your Facebook and Twitter friends. And if you’re feeling a little competitive, you can set up a competition that will give you a chance to show your speed and skill to the rest of the world.

Connect with the Game: If you have played any of the games made by Playdom or Nintendo before, you’ll feel right at home with Color Road! It’s an exciting racing game full of amazing graphics and realistic sound effects. The colorful graphics are made to give you a feeling that you’re actually racing on the streets of Paris. The game comes with multiple unlockable cars and different tracks. And since each track features a number of jumps, crashes, and obstacles, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Simple controls: Although the game can be quite challenging, the controls are fairly intuitive. It doesn’t take a professional driver to master playing Color Road! All it takes is a little practice and patience to master the tricks and commands.

Pro-level racing: If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more challenging, Color Road! has got you covered. It’s got professional racing lines, complete with special obstacles and jumps, as well as the usual challenges you would expect from a professional driver.

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Fun for all the family: This game can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. Even your children will find it exciting. And even if they don’t, they will probably want to play Color Road! Either way, this is one great family-friendly game that’s just as entertaining for adults as it is for children. It’s good quality, easy to pick up, and loads of fun!

Different races: Color Road! features three different races – Light, Medium, and Heavy – that let you hone your racing skills with each race. You can even get a third race in the Off-Road mode if you like.

No ads: Color Road! isn’t littered with advertisements or other distractions that could distract you from playing. There aren’t any annoying pop-ups that ask you to buy something, either. There are no pop-up advertisements that will appear on the screen while you are trying to maneuver your racer or compete with the computer. The game doesn’t contain any banners or animated backgrounds that might distract you from playing, either.

Easy-to-use controls: Color Road! doesn’t require a genius to understand or operate. All you need to do is to guide your vehicle through the tracks using simple controls. You’ll find the program uses simple controls that anyone can use regardless of their age or expertise level. In addition, the game has a tutorial feature so you can get a feel of how to play the game using the controls in a safe and secure environment before you start off.

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