Devil May Cry 5 Computer Game Review

The Devil May Cry series has been very popular among fans of Japanese role-playing games. There were many different incarnations of this classic game that have made it into the Western world. The first of these games have always had excellent, high-tech graphics. However, the gameplay has been less than stellar. In my review, I will discuss some of the pros and cons of the game to help you make your own decision on if it is right for you.

One of the biggest pros to Devil May Cry is the great storyline. The game starts off as a simple heist gone bad, and soon you find out that your target is something far more sinister than you thought possible. From there the game flows into what is easily one of the best action games you’ll play and feels like it goes on forever.

What is Devil May Cry 5

The storyline in the Devil May Cry 5 Computer Game is incredible. From the opening moments, you learn that your target is an evil organization called the Special Measures Team and that he wants to rule over the world by using his newly found powers. From there you see that your new character has some flaws that make him a very weak fighter but helps you fight even more difficult battles. From there, the game takes you through a dark and twisted version of Japan that will leave you breathless. You are taken from the bright, light-filled city life to the dark, claustrophobic feel of the old country. This intense shift changes the way you fight, as you feel that you must learn to adapt to this new style of fighting.

Why Play Devil May Cry 5

One thing that the Devil May Cry 5 Computer Game has is that no other games have been excellent, high-quality cutscenes. The cutscenes are amazing, adding a level of realism to the game that makes them seem almost real. They truly bring the character models to life, as they react to certain events in a believable manner. Unfortunately, due to Xbox requirements for the game, some of these cutscenes were not included, but most of the ones that were left were very good.

The overall gameplay is what makes Devil May Cry 5 Computer Game such an amazing release. Playing as Dante, you get to explore different areas of the map, which feature very intense fighting. You also get to take on a number of bosses, who will make your adventure even more memorable. During your travels, you’ll encounter a large number of unlockable items, weapons, and vehicles, making it possible to further expand your adventure as you complete levels.

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The reason why the gameplay in Devil May Cry 5 is so great is that it offers something new to anyone that plays the original game. The storyline takes place 30 years after the events of previous games and sees Dante traveling across the globe to find the object of his desire. However, while traveling, he runs into some old enemies and must learn about the past in order to win the war. The gameplay is what makes the game so successful, as it offers a high level of adrenaline through its highly exciting attacks and combat sequences. The fighting sequences are very well choreographed, as each enemy is made to look like they are dying, or even dying right before your eyes.

The story is certainly one of the best features of Devil May Cry 5 Computer Game, but the gameplay really makes the difference. If you haven’t played the original, you need to go back and play through the beginning, as it provides the perfect introduction to the game. However, if you have played the original, then you probably know by now that the story is not very original. What is great is that if you end up playing through the entirety of the game without finishing any of the side quests or endings, then you can replay any part of the game you want. So, you can make use of all the extra things you unlocked by finishing the earlier portions of the game.


Devil May Cry 5 Computer Game is definitely a game that you will find intriguing. With its unique blend of fighting, platforming, shooting, and rescuing, there’s something for everyone here. I love to fight my enemies and going through the scenery. Although the story is a bit unoriginal, I still thoroughly enjoy the action that takes place during gameplay. So, if you enjoy action, platforming, shooting, and rescuing, then you will definitely love this Devil May Cry computer game.

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