Flow Free Mobile Game

Flow Free is an addictive yet simple puzzle game. Connect the matching red pipe to make a Flow. Then, pair all red pipes together, and cover all the board with Flow to solve every puzzle in Flow Free. Your goal in each level is to make as many flows as you can without tapping the board.

Flow Free Mobile Game

Levels in Flow Free Game

There are four levels to this fantastic puzzle game. The first is very easy, as you guide your tiny snake along with the screen, avoiding obstacles such as bumpy tiles, rotating platforms, and lava. The second level adds some more elements to the gameplay, such as rocks that fall and slide on your snake. The fourth adds more elements, including platforms that drop from above, purple platforms, and purple snakes that attack your snake.

Once you complete each level, the game will unlock another one. The difficulty increases as you progress through the different stages of the game. At each stage, there are also new obstacles to battle with. You can attack these enemies with a whip or shake them around to get them off your snake. When you tap on an enemy, you will cause them to spring backward.

This game was created by Curve studio, one of the most popular names in casual gaming. As you may be aware, they are the creators of Cards Against Cleopatra and Codename: Dr. Mario. They have given us some great games, including Flow Free. If you like their other offerings you will love Flow Free, and it is one of the best examples of a Flash game where you move through the environment using the mouse.

How To Play Flow Free?

To start the game, you must select an island. Four islands exist, labeled A, B, C, and D. Your mission is to locate the fifth island and get to the bottom. Your snake will travel along the pipes on the island. The goal is to keep your snake moving without touching any other surfaces. Pressing the space bar will reduce your snake’s movement. The faster your snake moves, the higher up into the air it will go.

Each level has something different going on. For example, in level A, there are underwater treasure chests that will open up when you find the correct code. Once you’ve found the chest, press the space bar to lower your snake. Continue to move your snake up and down the platforms until you find the finish line. Mastering this part of the game will send you to the next level, making it unplayable.

In the second level, there are some platforms that you can slide on. To use these platforms, simply press the space bar to lower your snake and press the up or down keys to jump. You can also walk while sliding on the platform. The more points you earn, the more colorful stars will be displayed below your character.

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Flow Free Mobile Game is one of the latest releases on the market that uses flash technology for playing. It is very easy to play because you only need a web browser. Because of its simplistic design, it is suitable for children who are still learning how to play a mobile game. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to know how to play this game. Even if you haven’t played mobile games before, you will definitely enjoy this one. Check out the official website today for more information on the game.

Main Features of Flow Free

One of the main features of Flow Free Mobile Game is the in-built snake system. The snake moves from left to right as you scroll through the screen. You need to keep moving your snake in order to avoid obstacles and the lasers fired by the platform. Moving your snake too quickly can cause it to get stuck on the rail and become unable to move further.

Unlike other mobile games, you don’t have to purchase this one to enjoy it. Flow Free Mobile Game is available for free in the Android Market. You can simply download the free version and enjoy the fun. The other two versions are priced at a very affordable price. This is why a lot of mobile games enthusiasts are already hyped about this one. It’s a great alternative for those who want to try their hands on various exciting gaming platforms without spending a dime.

You can start downloading Flow Free Mobile Game today. Just go to the Android Market and search for it. In the search result, you will see a link to the paid version. Once you click the button to purchase the full version, you will be redirected to the download page. Once you complete the download process, you can immediately start playing the exciting mobile games.

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