Guns Royale Mobile Game Review

Although Guns Royale is one of the most exciting games in the mobile app store, it can also be confusing at times. It does not offer comprehensive information on the various game modes or the more advanced aspects of the game, but it can certainly help you learn the game mechanics and how to improve your aiming. If you have just downloaded the entertaining game Guns Royale, gain some tips and tricks -and an edge over other players by using the in-app Gun Royale Multiplayer Guide. Here, we take a closer look at the Gameplay and the different game modes available in the game.


The story of Guns Royale tells the story of a group of brave men who land on an island and find out that everyone has gone missing. A mysterious master of the island, who calls himself Lord Gage, tries to stop them from returning by unleashing his own army of the island’s creatures against them. One by one, they are taken captive by the Lord and forced to fight each other using only two weapons -the wands they had been given at the beginning of the game, and their standard rifles. It is up to you to decide which weapon to use in order to best effect against your opponents. The graphics of Guns Royale are cute and charming, especially the character models. The animations are smooth and lively, and the audio is well done and fits the tone of the game.

Guns Royale Mobile Game Review

Two types of game modes are included in the game: the Story Mode, which is like an adventure story; and the Multiplayer Mode, where players can pit their wits against each other in a battle royale-like format. There is a wide array of weapons available to players in the multiplayer version of the game, including the iconic lever-action shotgun. There are eight islands to fight on, each with its own weapons and characters to battle against. It is up to you to discover them and eliminate all the enemies therein.


The multiplayer portion of Guns Royale features split-screen and 3D effects. It also allows players to switch between the two screen formats at will. The graphics within the game mimic the quality of the actual gun battle, with cool explosions, devastating firework sequences, and other gun battle-themed elements. These intense gun battle games are quite addictive, and it is easy to see why the majority of the gaming community is fond of them.


The single player version of Guns Royale has just five levels, but players are not given any indication as to what island they are on. This added level of curiosity is quite fun for players who want to feel as if they got their money’s worth. However, the five levels offer little content. This is definitely a point in favor of the millions of downloads that have been sold for Guns Royale on mobile devices.


The third genre of the game belongs to the action/adventure genre. While many people are familiar with this type of game, those who have not played it might not be as familiar with it as those who have. Action/adventure game mechanics involve solving puzzles and engaging in all sorts of crazy adventures to get the endings you desire. This is certainly an important part of the Guns Royale experience since it sets the scene for the game to follow. While the single-player game offers little to no combat or puzzle solving, the online game does offer plenty of these components.


The third category of content belongs to the customization aspect of the Guns Royale experience. Players can custom make their chosen characters and load them into the game. There are a variety of different heads to select from, as well as clothing, body armors, hats, etc. The costumes are one of the most popular forms of customization since players can change the style of the whole outfit by changing the head piece, which in turn can affect facial expressions and animations.


Although there are many genres of games available on Facebook, none has gained such a following as has guns royale. Users love the style, the mechanics, the graphics, and everything about this game. For example, users who love classic games with guns will absolutely love playing this title, as it gives them the same experience they would get if they were playing games created in the Golden Age of firearms. However, there are also many gamers who haven’t played this particular title and are curious about what to expect from the experience. For new players, this is definitely the right genre to start out with, since the gameplay and the story are relatively simple.