How To Download Microsoft SharePoint

If you are like most business owners and employees, you are probably wondering how to download Microsoft SharePoint Mobile App for your iPhone or Android device. After all, this is a very common question that I get from my friends and clients. It’s not hard to understand. Most people would love to be able to take their work with them wherever they go. So if they have a tablet or smartphone with an installed SharePoint, how to download Microsoft SharePoint Mobile App is a common question that pops in their head.


Well, of course, the answer is simple. With so many choices in the mobile world and so many different phones available, your choice will depend greatly on how often you use your device. Do you use it every day? Or do you only use it occasionally? Do you want the app to access all the SharePoint features for you, or do you just want to be able to go into your file and view it on the screen?

How To Download Microsoft SharePoint Mobile app

Once you have decided to download the app, you need to decide on which platform you would like to download to. Obviously, you will need to have an Internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, this will not be a problem since there are apps available that use Wi-Fi technology to make your downloads possible. If your device does not support Wi-Fi, then you will need to get an alternative connection.


Once you have determined the type of connection and the platform that you will be downloading to, you can start your search for SharePoint mobile app to choose. There are many to choose from so don’t feel rushed. Spend some time doing some basic research and this should help you narrow down your selections.


Look at the different features that are available in each app. There should be apps available for each of the basic functions such as creating, updating, and deleting the documents. You should also be able to access the files from any location whether that is from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This is important because you don’t want to have to carry files around with you whenever you are working.


How to download Microsoft SharePoint mobile app to your phone or tablet then? First, go to the app store and find the Microsoft SharePoint mobile app. Look for its features and see if they satisfy your needs. Once you have chosen the one that you want, you can tap on the download button. It usually takes just a few seconds.

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Once you have downloaded the app, you can access the files that you need to. You will need to have an account on the SharePoint online management system. You will need this so you can upload files and create and edit them. Once you have signed in to your MS SharePoint account, you can then start using the apps on your mobile devices. They will prompt you where to find the files so you don’t have to search for them on your phone.


When you want to share your documents, you can do so using the Microsoft SharePoint mobile application. You will not be able to view the document directly on your mobile device but you will be able to read it through your regular browser. If you are not sure what you are looking for, then you can just tap into the SharePoint mobile app to look at all the options. This will allow you to download and view everything you need. Don’t forget to search for tips on how to back up your files as well.