Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Bonus Features

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator is a defense game that involves defending castles against waves of zombies. The only weapons are cannons which are quite effective against zombies but not so good against the creatures that destroy the castle. You can have as many cannons as you want but only two at a time. If you hope to survive long enough in this game, you just can’t have enough firepower or friends.

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Bonus Features

How To Play Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

To add to the fun, Roblox Tower Defense Simulator also comes with over one hundred and fifty fun and challenging levels. It’s never easy to make it through all of them. Find the solution for each level using the codes given out with every new level. This will increase your score and your confidence in your abilities as you continue playing. You can also use the cheat codes given with every level to turn things in your favor, such as increasing your health, turning items in your castle into tools for fighting, or even gaining extra lives.

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator contains a money system and rewards system similar to other Roblox games. You can use the currency earned by winning battles to purchase upgrades for your towers or buy crates to give your zombies a helping hand. You can also buy gifts from the shop in order to earn points that can be used to redeem codes and other rewards.

Why Play Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator has been designed with its user in mind. Play with the mouse or use the keyboard and pad. Get into the action as soon as you download the game and begin to enjoy all of its many benefits. This is a wonderful way to get the exercise your body needs without the hassle of real military conflicts. Plus, using the simulator allows you to spend a lot of time practicing defense techniques and mastering strategies while leveling up and earning new skills.

Areas of Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

There are three areas of Roblox Tower Defense that you can play: Fantasy, Time Attack, and Defense. The free premium tower simulator code that you can use will grant you access to all three areas. Each one of these challenges has five levels, making it a worthwhile challenge for all age groups. Fantasy is available in two versions: City and Airport. In City you need to defend a series of themed areas from waves of zombies that attack with battering rams, throwing explosives, and using guns and other weapons to get rid of the enemy.

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Time Attack requires that you activate five towers to defend the point against waves of zombies attempting to attack it. You have to defend it for three minutes before it runs out. Once it is down you get the bonus feature and you move on. The premium crate includes the same wave types that appear in the Fantasy game, along with fifty redeem codes which can be used to purchase all fifty-one hundred and twenty coins.

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Bonus

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Bonus Features Two new Year celebrations are coming this year, bringing along special gifts for all players. These gifts will make your gameplay experience more exciting as they include rare gifts, rare items, double the points for each defense attempt, and double the coins for all attacks! These codes are not available yet, but if anyone finds one they submit it to the developers so it becomes available. No word on when the Doublebloxies will be available.

Roblox Tower Defense is not your typical tower defense game. It takes you on an adventure through a brand new tower, filled with dangerous robots who want to take over the world. Play for up to thirty minutes in single-player mode and spend up to five hours in multi-player mode. There are also several cool mini-games and activities, such as the ice cream van, where you shoot an ice cream truck and win a prize. The newest addition is the “ice scorcher” game, where you try to destroy the freezing cream machines and prevent them from making any more toppings.