Rules of Survival Game Guide – Modes and Options

The new Rules of Survival game update, which just dropped on Wednesday, comes with a whole new map, new weapons, vehicles, and many more. But hidden deep inside the new patch notes was a rather new game mode called the Gold Arena that many players missed out on — until now. Game experts say this isn’t the best game mode to play, but it’s certainly one of the most fun. Here’s a quick Game Preview of the new game modes that are included in Survival Gameplay 2.2.


First, let’s talk about the mechanics of these Game Modes. You have a limited number of lives, and each time you run out of lives you will have to restart the level. You can also buy a “Loot Bag” to restore your health every time you run out of life. You can find the loot bag on each level, and it is located right next to the stairs. Each time you run out of life, you will be forced to pick up all the trash cans in your path (yes, this includes cactus and rocks). This mode, like every other survival mode, is completely free to play.

Rules of Survival Game Guide - Modes and Options

The objective of this Game Mode is to basically do everything you can to die as fast as possible. The objective is to collect as much “lore” as possible before the timer runs out, but here you will be collecting items such as a Frag Mine, an Assault Rifle, and so on. The Frag Mine deals out a lot of damage over time, so if you’re playing with a Medic, you may want to keep a bunch of them close at hand. The Assault Rifle deals a little less damage than the Frag Mine but deals a good deal more than the other two. The last item you’ll find in this mode is a Plasma Cutter that deals instant damage and a damaging beam that will kill most players in one shot.


This survival mode works exactly like the “Loot” mode, but you will be gathering more than just “loot”. Instead of just picking up trash, you’ll be picking up metal. Some metals are worth more than others, so you will want to pay attention to this factor. Other items will help you get through certain rooms faster than others, so you should make sure you have everything you need ahead of time before heading into the room. When you are done collecting everything you can, you will need to turn around and kill everyone in sight, or else you will not be able to move.


The new arena included in the update is a mix of old and new. In the old mode, you fight in a circular arena where all the zombies are moving in a tight radius. You can pick off the weak ones using an axe. The new mode, on the other hand, is larger than the previous one. While the circular motion will still apply, the center of the map is now split into several smaller areas, and all of them contain at least two sets of zombies.


It is possible to see this in the game modes: Single Player, Endless, and Multiplayer. You can also see it happening in the video streams as well: there are quite a few new players playing the Survival mode right now. The reason behind a large number of player’s game mode is because the update included new items, and introduced new strategies for Survival. These include healing items that you receive while you are down, as well as the ability to block the zombies’ path with objects. These additions greatly enhance the game mode.

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As for the new arena game mode, it is a mix of the old and new. The objective of this mode is similar to the “Loot” category of the Survival Game Mode. If you do not want to be the last person standing, you better have those precious weapons or armors, because, in this new mode, they are your primary weapons. Once you are down to a handful of people, you just have to survive till the others are eliminated. If you do not survive long, the others take their loot from you.


In the “royale” arena game mode, you are free to do whatever you like. There is no time limit, and you do not have to fight your way to the finish line. You simply start the match, and whichever group of survivors you find, have to kill them before the time expires. The survivors that you find are not limited to walking around the arena, but they are also not restricted to just standing still. They can run, hide, or attack anyone that catches their gaze. Using objects inside the Arena, or by simply moving to a strategic spot, you can cause the tide of battle in your favor, and be the winner of the Rules of Survival.