How To Download Xbox

Xbox Mobile is one of the latest games launched by Microsoft for mobiles. It was released in the UK in August of this year and has been getting good reception. It is similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch which are available exclusively for the Apple and iPod Touch respectively. The only difference is that you can use it on an Xbox console too.


The app can be downloaded free of cost and allows users to play games, listen to music, watch videos and use other features available on mobile phones. If you have an Xbox 360, then you do not need to buy the app as you can use it through the in-built apps. The downloads for the app can be done directly from your device and do not require any additional downloads.

How To Download Xbox

If you have the Windows Mobile Pro or Mango, then there is no problem. The process to download and use this app is very easy. You just need to connect the device with a computer using a USB cable. Once the connection is made, you can launch the Xbox Mobile App by clicking on the ‘biography option present on the main menu of your mobile device. There is a list of popular downloads available on the website and you can choose which you want to download.


When you click on the ‘download now’ option, you will be asked to enter your unique link. This link is needed so that the website owner can identify you and send you the download links for the apps. There are a variety of download options available. Some of these include the download of only the game, the program, and all the contents of the game. You can also get the ‘game pack’ which includes the game, its add-on packs, and the movies. The website also provides a list of the current selling games and the list of upcoming games.


There are some limitations for the users of this service. They cannot download Xbox Mobile for the Xbox 360. Similarly, they can’t enjoy the benefits of the video games and movies shown on the mobile screen. So, there are certain requirements and guidelines provided by the website which must be met to enjoy these services. These guidelines include using Xbox Live as your platform of interaction.


One of the features provided by this app is the Microsoft Certified Game Copy utility. This enables users to back up their original discs and uses them as copies of Xbox games and movies. With the backup option, users do not have to worry about buying CDs or DVDs every time they want to play the game. The software helps in converting the game into an applicable format of the mobile handset. It also enables users to share their favorite games and movies through their smartphones.


For any inquiries regarding this download or any other Xbox application, the website has an online FAQs section. You can access it through the link provided in the console section of the site. You need to fill up a simple form asking some relevant questions about your device and you are all set to download Xbox games and other stuff. You can download the Xbox Mobile for free from the official website of the manufacturer, however; there are various other methods available to get this app at a low cost.


Through various websites, paid as well as free versions of the Xbox Mobile are offered. There are sites that offer the app at a nominal fee while others are offering it absolutely free. Free trials of this downloadable program enable you to download various games and other stuff without paying anything at all. If you choose the second option, then you can expect smoother browsing and a faster downloading process of the app.