How To Download CamScanner

CamScanner is professional scanning software that is used by professional photographers and students alike. This free app comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to scan their photographs or scans in no time. The scanner is very powerful. It can make your pictures look great whether you have a professional or a simple camera phone.


CamScanner has some basic features that you can also find in some paid versions. However, it still remains to be one of the best software applications available today for digital picture scanning. The photo scanning options are available in two versions for purchase or download. The paid version allows the users to do unlimited scans while the free version only allows you to do a limited number of scans.

How To Download CamScanner Mobile App

The features and functions of the software are worth the price. First, you can choose to purchase a license for the full version which is available for $99. However, you can still get the trial version for free until the final version is released. You can download the trial version and test its features and functions. This is a good way to determine if the software works well on your device. After you download and install the software, you can immediately start scanning your pictures.


The scanning process is quite simple. You just have to snap a picture with your cell phone camera. Next, you have to let CamScanner do its work. The software will then scan the pictures you provided. Once the scanning is done, all you need to do is to view the pictures it has taken. This is where the real magic happens.


Aside from being able to preview the images the App allows you to edit them. This gives you the ability to modify some parts of the photos or videos you have scanned. You can also add text to enhance the look and feel of your photographs. You can easily use the CamScanner Mobile App to convert videos into PDF format, edit keywords, add captions, and merge images.


Another benefit of using the CamScanner Mobile App is that you can upload the images directly to your desktop or laptop. Thus, you do not have to go out in search of a computer or other storage device just to download the images you want to scan. If you need to transfer the images to your smartphone, you can do so via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Even if you use a USB cable, the device will still scan and upload the images in just a matter of moments.


Aside from that, the App offers a lot of features that make scanning a snap. For instance, you can set the minimum number of images to be scanned before it starts scanning. You can also specify which part of the image to scan (i.e. top, bottom, or front) by using the on-screen instructions.


Finally, you can use the CamScanner app in conjunction with the Android phones’ Storage Management system to manage the duration of your downloads. The system will automatically stop the downloading when you reach your limit. So even if you are always on the go, you never have to worry about running out of space.


The CamScanner app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store for any mobile device (including iPhone and HTC). You can also choose to buy a mobile scanner manufactured and distributed by PicoScanners, which is an exclusive partner of CamScanner. With this purchase, you can scan and save more than two hundred brands of products such as calendars, address books, and digital cameras.

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Downloading CamScanner on your mobile device is very easy. Just go to the CamScanner website and sign up for an account. Once you have established an account, download the app, set the settings according to your device’s specifications, and scan all the items you need. Scanning would take less than five minutes on average. After the scanning is completed, you will receive a list of all the files found on your device.


To finish, all you would have to do is to publish the scanned files on your mobile device or the server of your choice. Upon approval, CamScanner will provide you with a zip code, so that you can upload the files to your device. This will make your browsing even faster and more convenient. So, if you want to get more information about CamScanner and its technology, visit the official website today. There you can find out everything you need to know about CamScanner.