Darksiders III Computer Game Review

The third installment of the popular Dark Souls video game series has just been released for the Nintendo Wii, and it is fitting to label the game as a “return to form” after Dark Souls II. Although the game received mixed reviews from critics and fans, it still managed to sell pretty well considering that it’s an upgrade or a port of the previous game. However, will this game live up to expectations and has become one of the best games on the Nintendo Wii? We’ll find out after we have a look at its story mode and gameplay.

Darksiders III Computer Game Review

How To Play Darksiders III

In terms of story, players take on the role of a warrior called Argyll in his quest to find the legendary Dark Knight and kill him to release her from her eternal imprisonment. As in the earlier versions of the game, you have to fight your way through enemy towns and dungeons to find the entrances to the gates of the Dark Kingdom, guarded by gargoyles. The storyline is well written and easily engrossing, although it may be lacking a little in terms of presentation and some stiff characters.

Fortunately, the Nintendo Wii version of the game employs a new feature that many games nowadays have and that’s the ability to connect the game to online services like Mii Connect to play with others. This not only allows you to play online, but also gives you access to the additional features of the game, such as the Dark Knight video game soundtrack, themed maps, and weapons, all for free. While this may not sound like much, it definitely adds some more fun to the game.

In terms of graphics and performance, the game is similar to the previous games. It looks great and runs great too, using the Wii’s built-in Wii MotionPlus technology. However, despite the excellent appearance, it’s still not as good as the Xbox and PlayStation versions, even though it’s still very enjoyable to play.

Advantages of Darksiders III

Darksiders III has a few cons as well. The most notable one involves the game’s difficulty. While the Wii version is supposed to be easier than the PC version of the game, it still can be a challenge to play on, especially for first-timers. Another con concerns the loading times. While it may be short in some cases, it can still take up to an hour or two to load up the game, which can be frustrating if you’re playing on a console that doesn’t support streaming quickly.

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Why Play Darksiders III

So overall, Darksiders III can be a fun game to play. It just has some pros and cons that are worth mentioning. For anyone who enjoys role-playing, this is a great game to play, and the graphics are comparable to what you’d expect from a role-playing video game. If you don’t like role-playing, you should still love this game.

As far as Darksiders III reviews go, there are only a few out there. This is because the game is not very popular with mainstream gamers. However, Nintendo Wii consoles have recently been getting good reviews, so perhaps we’ll see more Darksiders III reviews soon. If you do like the game, however, you might want to look into getting the Wii version. This version does have the option to play online. It also has a few other neat features, such as being able to upload your own picture to play as an avatar in-game.


Overall, the game is fun to play. It provides a decent challenge for those who like to play games with challenging challenges. For those who don’t enjoy playing challenging games, there are plenty of pros to this game. There are enough tutorials included making the gameplay easy to pick up and play without anyone feeling lost. The cons about this game really come down to the quality of the graphics and not having enough content for online play.

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