Snake VS Block Mobile Game Review

Snake VS Block is an exciting new game on the App Store that combines the fun of a hidden object adventure with the addictive pleasure of a grid-based controller game. In contrast to other hidden object games, where you simply have to find the item and continue, in Snake VS Block you start with absolutely nothing but a slab of black sand – and something else, too – to figure out what the heck it is that’s blocking your path! Sounds easy enough, right?

Snake VS Block Mobile Game Review

How To Play Snake VS Block?

But let’s get a little deeper! Because the block pieces in this game are arranged in a grid, instead of a hidden object scene, there are two things you have to keep in mind. First, positioning is important; and second, timing is extremely important, because if you don’t time your jumps or attacks correctly, you stand a good chance of being trapped, boxed in, or even killed by an enemy who passes through the invisible block walls.

Positioning is simple enough to understand. There are yellow squares where you should place your dot. If you’re in the middle of moving, you’re in a safe zone, and a blue square is a safe spot if you’re far away from the action. Moving either of the two squares, while moving forward, triggers an action, which earns you points, and helps you move forward!

Timing is just as easy to learn, but sometimes can be difficult to master. In the beginning, your snake will be very slow, but as you see how to strategically jump and attack, he’ll grow into a fast, aggressive snake! But don’t think of the game as a race; you start at level one, so you don’t have to kill everything in your path to advance. Just use the items that gradually fill up your bag, and when the snakes in the area start to drop down, use the items to quickly dispatch them! The game is timed so that you only have a limited amount of time to kill every enemy, so you have to be quick to get through a section, but killing more enemies helps you advance to the next section.

Why Play Snake VS Block

Snake VS Block Mobile Gameplay is frantic action. Each enemy is quite dangerous, so you must use every trick you know to take them out of commission. For example, a snake might appear to be harmless, but leaping on an enemy at the wrong time can cause it to drop its life jewel and become vulnerable. A better tactic would be to carefully watch the small patch of land below the tree, as some snakes are able to climb trees. When you spot an enemy approaching, jump down below the tree to take out its legs, then continue on your way!

All About Plants Vs. Zombies

In this game, there are many levels. I started off on level one, and I’m having a great time improving my game. The secret is to build your snake up to level ten before the timer runs out, and to continue to play and level up. This keeps the game challenging, and you never know when a new power-up will come into play!

To play you just pick an idle snake and let it run around while you do all the stuff you need to do like eat, breath and attack. There are different levels to play on, and they change as you progress through the game, so there’s always something new to try. The graphics are quite nice, and you will really enjoy playing this game on your iPhone or iPad.

As you progress through the game you unlock new snakes to use, and new blocks to put them on. Plus you’ll find that you can now use a grappling hook to pull snakes off of the bottom of the screen, so you can proceed to finish the game with a few levels as you want. The controls are very easy, as all you have to do is swipe your finger from left to right to move your snake along the screen. The controls are easy, but this snake game is so much fun that I don’t even need to point out anything else!

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