Heavy Metal Machines Computer Game

Heavy Metal Machines is online car combat, massively multi-player online game released and developed by Hoplon Interactive. HMM is an open-source game available on Steam, in which teams of up to four highly sophisticated machines battle head-to-head on massive arenas with a dark post-apocalyptic theme? The game was created by the award-winning studio, Rockfish Games. For those unfamiliar with the title, HMM has been described as being similar to classic shoot em ups but with the added twist of having real weapons featuring bullets, claws, bbs, claws, etc, firing at rapid speeds.

Heavy Metal Machines Computer Game

How To Play Heavy Metal Machines

In the game, each player assumes the role of a machine gunner who must, in turn, protect their base from waves of incoming attacks. Players earn credits by making direct hits on enemy machines. Players can customize their guns by changing the amount of ammunition they can carry and the amount they can fire, controlling the way that the game plays out. Different players can also customize their abilities by choosing different bits of armor for their machine guns which are sometimes rewarded through winning competitions. In addition, certain players are rewarded with special upgrades that greatly improve their ability to hit enemies and damage their opponents.

The game’s theme and storyline are driven by the ongoing conflict between the forces of good and evil in various regions of the world. Certain regions, such as the military stronghold known as Steel Mountain, have become a haven for those who seek adventure and intense combat. Players who choose to play on this level are instructed to work with their machine guns as much as possible in order to shoot down anything that threatens the balance of the world. Players can choose to go on a rogue style, complete with gun slashing action left and right, or they can take on the side of good, working with a supporting cast of allies including bounty hunters, police officers, and soldiers.

Features of Heavy Metal Machines

Some versions of the game are set up so that the player has an opportunity to rescue a specific character from prison. Each level of the game comes complete with music that changes depending on the type of game. For instance, in some levels a series of musical boxes will appear, announcing to the player that there is something wrong at that location. In other cases, a guard will spot an intruder and send him for medical attention, announcing to the player that there is an injured soldier inside the facility.

Some versions of the game feature more traditional heavy metal themes. This type of game usually involves gunfights and high-flying moves. In many cases, the objective is to shoot down as many targets as the player can, using cover or being the first to score a kill. There is real fighting in this type of game, but it is limited to only two people at a time. It is possible to change teams in some cases to eliminate the competition.

Many of these types of games involve military themes. In these cases, the player has a target to hit and is often protected by machine guns or barriers. The objective is to destroy the targets without being shot by enemy soldiers or vehicles. These games usually have limited lives and the ability to reload. Some are multiplayer games where up to four players can compete against each other, playing against computer-simulated enemies.

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The cyber warfare heavy metal machines are also popular. These types of games involve a wide range of military gear such as tanks and troops, which must be cleared before advancing to the next level. Again, it is possible to pause the game to reload weapons or get medical attention if needed.


Computer games featuring heavy metal machines can come in many varieties. They can be educational, entertaining, or both. Depending upon the kind of game, its purpose may differ. It is also important to consider the capabilities of a computer game console. If you want to play a multiplayer game, make sure that your gaming system can handle the requirements. For single-player games, make sure that you have the required hardware.

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