Pocket City Mobile Game

Pocket City: Stories of Life on the Planet of Pocket is a game available for free download on Google Play. As simple as it might sound, this is actually a very fun game to play. However, if you do things wrong and do not take your time, you might find yourself wanting to restart again. Read on to learn about some of the disadvantages of playing Pocket City Mobile Game. The first disadvantage is that this game has many in-game disadvantages.

Pocket City Mobile Game

What is Pocket City?

Unlike other mobile games, the storyline in this mobile game is somewhat different from real life. It’s set in a realistic setting, but it also has a different kind of story, which some people may find a bit strange. One of the main characters in this game is named Dr. Isaac, who is the head of a research facility called Eden Labs. In this mobile game, you have the option of choosing among different types of jobs, such as helping people, creating the city, repairing damage, and so on.

You can also control the main character, and this will affect the way the story progresses. You also have the option of playing with various sets of graphics, and this will change the overall feel of the game. As you progress through the game, you’ll find out more about the main character and his relationships with the other characters in the game.

Cons of The Game

One of the main problems with this game is that there is a limited amount of playing time, which makes it impossible to complete all the quests at the same time. Some of the quests are not that difficult after all, so you can just ignore them. It’s kind of frustrating, especially when you think that there are better and easier quests available. You can’t really do much in Pocket City Mobile Game unless you invest a lot of your time into playing the game. Your time management would be better spent playing other games.

Another problem is that the character you are controlling may die at any point in time, without even giving a chance to develop relationships with other characters. This will affect the time management you have. You can’t build up your character, because you only have so many hours to spend playing the game before you will have to start again. If you want to level up your character, it will be impossible for you to do so, unless you carefully plan your moves in advance. When you start playing the game, you are in the position of creating your character, which will give you a limited number of options of things you can do, in order to increase your capabilities and power.

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The interface of Pocket City Mobile Game is not very user-friendly, and it could make players feel difficulty playing the game. It has a lot of complex vocabulary used. Some of the words may confuse you at first. There are some events that happen in the game, which you might not understand. For example, the character’s house will burn down. But you will find out that the language used to describe these events is confusing.

The Time Management in Pocket City Mobile Game

The time management in Pocket City Mobile Game is not bad, but it could use some improvement. There are many events that occur in the game, and it takes a lot of time for you to know what they are. Sometimes, you will spend a lot of time going back and forth between two locations, in order to see a specific event. So, it would be easier for you if the events are timed so that you do not have to play your characters every few minutes.

If you consider these factors, Pocket City Mobile Game may not be the best time management choice for you. It has its fair share of time management aspects that will keep most people busy for a while. But if you are an individual who likes to straddle between activities and likes keeping things moving, then this mobile game may fit you fine. In all, the time management aspect of Pocket City Mobile Game is not bad, but it will need some work on its accuracy, and graphics.

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