Super Animal Royale Game Review

Super Animal Royale is an all new free to play video game coming from GamePlay. The game transports you into a fantastical land where animals live in a lush jungle. Your task is to save the animals and cure their disease using a variety of weapons and bombs. If you are looking for a fun and frantic action-packed game with a heavy dose of humor this game is the one for you.


The game starts with a prologue introducing you to the world of Super Animal Royale. The story begins with you as the last hope of an injured survivor seeking refuge at the Zoological Park where there are many other stranded animals like yourself. After saving them you are asked to join an elite group of animals who have been given life by the mysterious Alpha. Together you travel throughout the jungle battling mutated animals and villains while collecting weapons, upgrades, costumes, and powers along the way.

Super Animal Royale Game Review

As the game progresses you will find yourself gaining more weapons and costumes as well as unlocking more islands to battle it out on. Each island features different obstacles and enemies that are very powerful. You can buy armor and weapons at certain shops but be careful as some items can sell for a lot of money. I suggest equipping yourself with basic weapons, health potions, extra lives, and armor before heading out to the battlefield.


It’s actually quite difficult to fight with the same character throughout the various environments. There is a bit of trial and error but once you get the hang of the controls you should have no problem making the most of your arsenal and making the most out of each combat. The real difficulty comes from using the different weapons effectively as well as mastering the various puzzles and obstacles that you’ll be confronting. One of the best features of Super Animal Royale is the online player versus gameplay where you can pit your wits against other online players. It’s a good feature that I hope will spur more gamers to try the game out for themselves.


Online play involves a few different challenges. The first one is simple enough where you just have to survive a few screens. The second one requires you to defeat a certain amount of opponents before you are rescued. This is the part where you will need to utilize items on the overworld in order to level up, purchase weapons and items, and complete any other challenges as well. If you’re looking for a really good flash game that involves cute animals, then you definitely want to check out Super Animal Royale.


You’ll find yourself spending quite a bit of time in this exciting mode. There are several levels that are available so you can start right away by playing through the very first one. There are also some other things to collect, like items and weapons which will assist you in your quest to become the most powerful creature on the planet. You can get a gas cloud ability in this mode as well that can help you to attack multiple opponents.


In terms of the fighting itself, it’s quite good. There are some pretty intense moments where you can really feel what the developers had gone through in making the game. A couple of these moments include the platform where you get to slam your opponent on the ground before they can get up and attack you and the cage where you have to take down the guards before they can all come out and attack you. The graphics are not the best, but I don’t think it matters much since it’s only the Xbox one, so you shouldn’t let that be a detractor of what this cool steaming brawler offers players who enjoy cute animals.


Overall, it’s a decent game that many people should find enjoyable. Of course, it doesn’t have the same charm that the original had when it was first released, but I think that with the changes that were made by road, the team was able to at least make a faithful port of the original story. This is just my opinion though and players should look into it for themselves to see what they think. I am sure there will be plenty of opinions about this game as everyone gets their grubby little paws on the iPad. As long as you’re having fun though, I think you’ll find it to be a lot of fun.